Poster presentation
The Recycling of Computers as a Context for Learning Chemistry

Event name: ASERA 2018

The use of computers, mobile phones and electronic devices in general is increasing steadily. But due to the rapid technological progress in this field, those devices also age more and more quickly. This leads to an increasing amount of electronic waste which – due to its complex composition – is very challenging to treat. Not seldom electronic waste is therefore ‘exported’ in countries of the third world where it poses a significant threat to the health of the people and the environment.
This poster shows how the problem of dealing with computer waste may be a context for learning chemistry in higher secondary school. It will be shown why this waste is hazardous and hard to treat, which materials are used in a computer and by which methods some of them can be recycled today. Based on this links to chemical content usually included in curricula for learning chemistry will be outlined and hands-on activities for students will be proposed that at the same time allow for understanding the problems of recycling electronic waste and learning ‘basic’ chemical knowledge on materials as well as on recycling-methods.

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