Transregional Collaborative Research Centre SFB/ TR TRR 30:
Process-integrated manufacturing of functionally graded structures on the basis of thermo-mechanically coupled phenomena

Maintaining industrial production structures for the mass production of high-quality goods – even under the typical high-wage conditions of Western industrialised countries – can only be achieved through extraordinary innovations.
The SFB/Transregio TRR 30 faces this demanding future challenge. The objective of the collaborative research initiative is to achieve more flexible product geometries through differential thermal processing and the resulting special thermo-mechanical process conditions in metal and polymer forming processes, through which a major reduction in process chains is possible.
Functional graded product characteristics, namely the stress profile of the product in service oriented micro-structural property gradation, are the focus.
A new knowledge base is indispensable for the design of such new process variants. Activities which allow an accurate prediction of the process course and the resulting product characteristics on the basis of models and simulations are necessary. They are significantly complemented by extensive experimentally verified basic studies.
A methodical refinement of the projects will be obtained through a structured examination of the relationship between the thermo-mechanical process and the resulting product properties with special attention to the product life.

  • Host university: University of Kassel

  • Other participating universities: University of Dortmund, University of Paderborn

  • Number of projects: 22

  • Year established: 2006

  • Current funding period: 02/2010 - 01/2014

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