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Public economics draws on on the latest development in micro- and macroeconomic theory and applies it to the different fields of public finance (public expenditures, taxes, debts, fiscal federalism). In addition, research in public economics requires a thorough understanding of the relevant institutions (tax laws, social security systems, public expenditure schemes, fiscal equalization systems).

The research of our team primarily applies microeconomic concepts to issues in public finance. It concentrates on topics in public finance and public choice with a special focus on multi-level government and local public finance. The theory of public choice analyses the impact of democratic institutions and political agents (voters, parties, politicians, bureaucrats, interest groupgs) on the outcomes of policital decisions. Public choice scholars assume that these agents use their political property rights to pursue their own aims.

In one important strand of our research, we integrate the concepts of the new field of behavioral economics and discuss their implications for public economics.

We apply different research methods. Depending on the research questions, we address our research question in a theoretical model, in economic experiments or in large-scale econometric analyses.

We cooperate with colleagues within the univerisity and outside. In particular, we cooperate with colleagues at the Center of European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim and at the Institut für Wirtschaftforschung  (IWH) Halle.

Currently, we are working on the following research topics:

  • The political economy of local public finance

  • Shrinking regions: implications for fiscal federalism and political economy issues

  • Performance budgeting in the local sector

  • Voting motives: experimental studies

Our team is part of the MAGKS-network for research and post-graduate studies. MAGKS bundles the know-how in economics of six universities in the region, publishes its own SSRN-rated working paper series and offers an attractive series of worshops and colloquia for its young researchers.




Other Research Activities


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