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Boundaries in Science and Higher Edu. (2017 Summer School)

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Project duration: 05/201711/2017


Globalization has brought about
the idea of a borderless world, and new realities of a globalized
academic world are emerging. Nevertheless, boundaries in science and
higher education (research) are ubiquitous and ambiguous. Geographical
boundaries still matter and we continue to face boundaries between
disciplines and terminologies, the public and the private sector,
organizations, career systems, methodological and theoretical
approaches, as well as generations. These boundaries often limit our
research and our ability to be innovative. But they may also enable
original approaches and relevant new results. In addition, important
research questions relate to what constitutes these boundaries, how they
affect process and outcomes of scientific research, how to harness them
and whether to expand or realign them. Accordingly, the 2017 summer
school in Higher Education and Science Studies addresses questions
related to different boundaries: 

  • How to conduct international comparative research in a world where national spaces become more and more global?
  • How can boundaries help to identify causal effects in empirical research?
  • How
    can we advance our methods and methodological frameworks connecting
    micro-, meso-, and macro-level and mixed-method approaches?
  • How can we benefit from interacting across the boundaries of fields and disciplines?
  • How does the globalization of higher education relate to national academic labor markets?
  • How does the geographically bounded university organization survive in an era of digitalization?
  • How
    does the interaction of different kinds of research organizations, both
    public and private, reshape the boundaries between them?

The summer school’s keynotes
lectures and workshops will reflect on these and related questions from
theoretical, methodological, and practical perspectives. Invited
speakers and participants from German and international higher education
research and science studies will establish a constructive and critical
dialog discussing, transcending and pushing forward the boundaries that
cross our work and our field(s).

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