Externally funded project

German Graduate Panel 2017 (AP 2017)


German Graduate Panel 2017

Graduate surveys are the central
source of information on the match between higher education qualifications and
labour market requirements: They provide information on the professional fields
and main activities of graduates, income and working hours, the fit between
professional activity and the curriculum and retrospective evaluation of study

The Graduate Panel 2017 is the first
nationwide project in graduate research in Germany to be carried out by a
supra-regional group of research institutes. The group partners (DZHW, INCHER, ISTAT) intend to take into account the
interests of a range of user groups as comprehensively as possible, with the
aim that the network concept AP2017 may prove to be a long-term, workable
solution. This new approach makes possible to use data not only for national
education monitoring, scientific research in higher education but also for quality
assessment of individual higher education institutions. Furthermore, parallel
surveys by different actors are avoided. At the same time, the instrument
allows for a seamless continuation of most of the time series that originated
in the DZHW graduate survey, the KOAB studies or a format based on one of these
two types.

The collaborative research project
is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Research Areas

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