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Int. Tagung - Hannes Meyer als Pädagoge (Internationale Tagung)

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Project duration: 03/201803/2018


From 15. -
17. of March 2018 there will be a symposium held at Kassel University entitled
“Hannes Meyer as educator”. Meyer was a teacher at bauhaus from 1927 and
directed the school from April 1928 until August 1930. The educational system
was reformed during that time and was lastingly influenced by Meyers’ concepts.
For example he founded the chair of architecture at bauhaus on behalf of his
predecessor Walter Gropius. He introduced scientifical studies in the design
process and realised construction projects in collaboration with his students.

interdisciplinary lectures in the context of the international symposium will
focus on three main topics:

1.   The pedagogical concept

2.   (New) teachers at Bauhaus under the
director Hannes Meyer

3.   Bauhaus students of the era Hannes

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