Externally funded project

Laubenganghäuser Dessau-Törten (Laubenganghäuser Dessau-Törten, Untersuchungen)

Project Details
Project duration: 11/201712/2018


addition to the research project “The Laubenganghäuser in Dessau-Törten as a
project by the building department of Bauhaus in Dessau under the guidance of
Hannes Meyer. An analysis of the planning and design history including an
examination of todays building stock” there is an ongoing investigation on the
original building substance of the 5 Laubenganghäuser in Dessau-Törten. In
cooperation with other universities there will be an examination conducted by a
restaurateur (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden) concerning the original
surfaces and materials as well as an archaeological investigation regarding the
surroundings of the buildings (Martin-Luther-Universität Halle) and a
deformation-true survey (Bauhaus-Univsersität Weimar) that will be performed
for one of the buildings. A team from Kassel University is documenting the
building stock for three buildings plus adjoining structures in the format of a
room book. The main goal of the examinations is the the analysis of the
Laubenganghäuser, their adjoining structures and surroundings at the time of
construction as well as an in depth investigation of the deformation of the
building stock to this day.

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