Externally funded project

CYDNIGPRO - Development of a computerized decision support system to prevent pea moth damage in field peas (12OE012)

Project Details
Project duration: 05/201512/2018


The project aims to develop a computerized decision support system (DSS) which facilitates the prevention of pea moth damage at farm planning level, particularly in organic green peas. Four collaborative project partners (Uni-Kassel-FÖP, Gäa e.V., ZEPP Bad Kreuznach und LLG) collect data sets from three distinct model regions concerning the dynamics of pea moth infestation in space and in time, the respective crop phenology as well as climatic data in four consecutive cropping cycles, augmented by climate chamber experiments to assess degree day estimates for the crop and the pest. At ZEPP Bad Kreuznach, these modular datasets are integrated into an internet based decision support system (DSS) which is continuously validated throughout the ongoing project. Based on these calculations the DSS predicts pea moth emergence, egg deposition and larval development and will provide high resolution risk maps.

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