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Workshop: Networking for Women's Health Across Regional Diversity in Europe: Experiences, Concepts and Strategies. Durchführung und Dokumentation

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Project duration: 05/200410/2004

Transnational cooperation projects like EWHNET or projects funded by the EU are confronted with diverse challenges. One of the most important is the creation of a foundation for understanding each other. The new entry of 10 countries into the EU is an opportunity and incentive for us to take up this challenge. In the field of health we can outline the problem. The interacting cultures are not only different in regard to their health systems. The very definitions of health, illness and social problems in the field of health are different. If we focus on gender specific aspects of health and illness or the health system and research institutions? handling of the gender and health topic, it becomes even more visible that the necessity for transnational communication rises. Understanding means recognizing the language, conceptional and cultural differences between the countries, highlighting the positive developments and strategies of the cultures and clarifying common questions and interests. The goal of the workshop is to describe culture and region specific conditions and requirements under which the optimum interactive communication concerning ”women?s health across regional diversity” can be created. We would like to invite experts (specifically from the new EU countries and northern and southern European countries), who are experienced or interested in transnational work/networking in the field of gender and public health or women and health. We would like to promote especially the exchange of the new and old EU-countries. Experts in the following fields are especially encouraged to attend: gender topics in health care organisations, alternative women's health projects, gender and occupational health, ageing and mental health. A further goal of the workshop is to support long term networking.
Working together: In addition to lectures we will also make use of the open space method. The open space format allows the participants to voice their opinions on specific topics and to articulate critique. With this method we hope to capitalize on the expertise the participants bring along.

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