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Collaborative project: NutriCheck - Early warning system for the evaluation of the nutrient supply in dairy herds by means of detection and evaluation of feeding and ruminanting behaviour - subproject 2 (NutriCheck)

Project Details
Project duration: 11/201010/2013


The project target is to develop/establish a viable and cost efficient
method for a sensor based control of the quail- and quantitative feeding
and chewing behavior of dairy cows. The system enables early stage
identification of suboptimal conditions and helps to maintain animal
health, reduces animal mortality and increases the profitability of the
business. It ensures the competitive position of the german
milk-production, along with security of employment in this sector. The
innovative approach lies in the gathering of feeding and chewing
activity in order to extrapolate the feed intake of each animal and an
evaluation of the structure value of feed ration. The project can be
classified in three major stages: 1. Development of a first prototype,
including preliminary field experiments. In parallel desk research
regarding suitable mathematical models will be conducted as a guideline
for the experiments in the second step. 2. Investigations on the quali-
and quantify process relevant impacts. The results will be directly
incorporated in the ongoing development. Furthermore hardware
improvements will be conducted, aiming to develop a prototype 2 and the
production of a relevant number of measurement-systems, in order to
guarantee valid results at farms attending the experiment. 3. Field
trials with the results directly incorporated in the product
development. On the basis of these deliverables a risk assessment and
the analysis of the ideal market-entry-strategy will be implemented.

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