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Erzeugung von Schweinefleisch mit hohem intramuskulären Fettgahalt unter Praxisbedingungen (.)

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Project duration: 03/199912/1999

On an organic pig farm, 2 different diets were fed in 2 replicates from the growing to the finishing period to pigs housed on straw in groups of 25 animals each. The isocaloric rations were based on home-grown cereals and corn legumes. In the growing period all animals received the same diet. During the finishing period the experimental groups were fed with a diet reduced in limited amino acids (16g lysine/animal/day), while the diet of the control groups was supplemented with potato protein to follow the general recommendations (22g lysine/animal/day). M. longissimus was analysed for intramuscular fat content by near-infrared-spectroscopy. Days to 120 kg and daily live weight gain were at a high level. There was however no significant difference between the treatments. Concerning carcass characteristics, lean meat (FOM) and fat area reached similar values in both treatments. Longissimus area was significantly lower and the lean:fat ratio was significantly higher in the experimental treatment than in the control treatment group. The results correspond to a previous investigation, where a reduced supply with limited amino acids led to a markedly reduced longissimus area. In the present study, the dietary treatment had no influence on the intramuscular fat content of the M. longissimus. This may be due to the high variation in the performance of the pigs which is possibly related to an heterogeneous feed intake within the group. Furthermore, the experimental diet in this study had a low crude protein content. In contrast, the high IMF values in the previous investigation were attained by diets with a high crude protein content. Farm conditions often result in a huge variation in relation to animals and their performance. Feeding strategies to improve pork quality with on-farm diets should first focus on measures to reduce intraanimal variation.

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