Opening Channels of Communication Between the Associated Candidate Countries and the EU in Ecological Farming (CHANNEL)

Details zum Projekt
Projektlaufzeit: 07/200707/2007

There are huge differences in the historical background and the level of development among the Associated Candidate Countries. Organic agriculture is one an area that reached different stages of development in the different countries. The different forms of organization, the legislative and economic framework, the cultural background imposes different tasks on the ACC countries in this area. In accordance with the described situation the main objective of this project is to assess and analyze which development stages have these countries achieved, to open communication channels on different levels necessary for starting the harmonization and equalization process in organic agriculture. The central instrument for the fulfilment of these objectives will be a complex data base with information organized around relevant thematic units in organic agriculture such as plant protection, weed management, organic seed, soil fertility, agro-technology and animal husbandry collected and processed in working groups with a responsible group leader expert. Data collection is carried out by all participating organizations who gather information in their respective area (thematic or geographical) and disseminate them in the systematically organized seminars and courses aiming at the equalization of knowledge in organic agriculture and producing a multiplication effect by involving a large group of beneficiaries also from the circles of NGO-s, farmers, SME-s, educational, administrative, religious and other insstitutions. The completed data base will be presented and discussed at an EU level conference that will provide politicians, leaders, economy, education and research with a valuable feedback to their work as well as information to set out from by strategic planning and evaluation. The participants will also benefit from the project through the articulation of a core group of researcher who can afterwards apply for a new, or join an existing NoE or IP project.

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