Externally funded project

Continuous improvement of energy efficiency at universities by implementing the Intracting model (Intracting an Hochschulen (Akronym: IntrHo))

Project Details
Project duration: 10/201509/2020


The IntrHo project focuses on the dilemma between long-term sustainability goals of universities and short-term constraints in resource allocation. The idea of Intracting is based on a separate “Intracting cost unit”. This cost unit is equipped with a start-up funding which is used to finance first energy-saving measures (staff and investments). The thus generated energy savings are transferred back to the Intracting cost unit.

With this return flows, further measures can be implemented. In this way the energy management of the university is able to continuously work on improving the energy efficiency of the buildings.


Based on experience with Intracting in municipalities special implementation concepts for universities are developed. In order to facilitate the introduction and implementation process, special application tools and a scenario simulation program are developed. The simulation program can be used to calculate the trend of the costs and the achievable CO2 reductions. furthermore, the implementation concepts can be analyzed and optimized

for the individual boundary conditions of the relevant university.

In addition to the research project, the University of Kassel introduces and implements Intracting in its own building management. This gives first practical results.

The results of the research project are summarized in a guideline for implementing "Intracting at universities".

Administration Structure, Energiesparmaßnahmen, Energy efficiency, Energy saving measures, Financing, Finanzierungskonzept, Hochschule, Organisationsstruktur, Sustainability, Universität, University

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