Externally funded project

Climate-KIC Innovation: Mubigen Pathfinder - Preparing the business plan for a municipal bioenergy generation in Europe (MUBIGEN)

Project Details
Project duration: 20142015

Pathfinder project finaned by Climate KIC within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology
The pathfinder MUBIGEN Project aims at creating a potential business model for an integrat-ed value chain, in which cities produce their own marketable and storable energy carriers and biomaterials from unused urban grass cuttings with an innovative technology. The Pathfinder activities will focus on two complementing strands: 1) A joint effort on the regional level with municipal stakeholders, plant manufacturers and academics will demonstrate the potential positive climate impact and prepare the exploitation of the business idea in two different Eu-ropean cities. 2) Detailed preparation of a European network, which transfers the business idea to other European municipalities, connects the participating regions and stakeholders and provides services for a successful implementation of the business idea. Besides these business-model related clarifications and results the pathfinder will create a strong consortium which has on board all necessary know-how to develop a self-sustaining business and exploi-tation plan in an innovation project yet to come.relevant werden mal so Mannschaften der Einzugf

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