Externally funded project

Monitoring and assisting transition from dehorned to horned dairy herds or from tying to loose housing systems with horned cows involving demonstration farms as a basis for qualified advisory services for dairy cattle farming (Hörner im Laufstall)

Project Details
Project duration: 11/201404/2020


This project serves to scientifically monitor and analyse the transition process from dehorned to horned dairy herds or from tying to loose housing systems with horned cows and to provide targeted advisory assistance. One important element of the advisory process will be the involvement of demonstration farms that already successfully keep horned dairy cows in loose housing systems. Based on the results of the monitoring and analysis recommendations will be reviewed and elaborated for farming and advisory practice. Altogether 39 farms participate in this project: 33 so-called transition farms where herds are changing from dehorned to horned cows or from tie to loose housing systems with horned cows, and 6 demonstration farms with horned cows in loose housing. In the first winter period all farms will be subjected to a thorough status-quo analysis. Results will be evaluated with reference to existing recommendations. Individual reports will be made to the participating advisors with whom a set of farm individual recommendations will be discussed and agreed. Advisors will assist the farms on this basis in the course of regular face to face advice and in peer group discussions. In the second and third year scientific monitoring will continue with one data collection per year. Results again will be discussed with advisors. Furthermore, multiple regression analyses will be carried out on the data with the outcome variables „injuries" and „agonistic interactions" and housing and management conditions as well as implemented measures and horn status as potential influencing factors. In the evaluation of the results existing recommendations and the experiences from the advisors as well as from the peer group discussions will be considered. Also the advisory process will be evaluated, taking into account the appraisal of the farmers.

Funded by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) through the Agency of the Federal Institution of Agriculture and Food (BLE) within the framework of the Federal Program for Organic Agriculture and other forms of Substainable Agriculture (BöLN)

In corporation with: Bioland Beratung GmbH and Demeter e.V.

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