Externally funded project

BLINGCRETE - Light reflecting concrete – development of a new building material

Project Details
Project duration: 20112012

On the level of materials science research, BlingCrete - Light reflecting Concrete represents a new genre of materials with its own logic of effect that cannot be described simply in terms of the usual categories of heavy and light or form, construction, and surface. The material, also known as light-reflecting concrete, combines the positive characteristics of concrete (fire safety, solidity, building methods) with those of retroreflection. Retroreflecting surfaces send incoming rays of light (sunlight or artificial light) back precisely in the direction of the source of light. This optical phenomenon is produced by embedding glass microspheres in the substrate material. Crucial for the reflective power are the roundness, clarity, and refractive index of the beads, as well as the bond between the glass microspheres and the substrate. The dialog with light, lastingly integrated by the combination of materials, creates the special, dematerialized aesthetic.The development of Light reflecting concrete is understood as an exchange process in which the specific knowledge and working methods of the artistic and scientific disciplines are used in order to place them in new contexts, apply them, and create productive friction between them. In an investigative and imaginative process, a variety of fields are opened up in dialog with other disciplines. Our common research interest is the initiation and use of mutual impetuses for working out specific results, as well as the investigation of work processes (procedures and production) in art, science and technology, and their inherent similarities, parallel developments, and differences.

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