Externally funded project

PPP China ab 2018 (Organic nitrogen for plant nutrition; the role of amino sugars estimated by application of dual 13C, 15N labelled substances)

Project Details
Project duration: 02/201912/2020


The project will aim to:
1.Quantify easily available pools of amino sugars in a variety of soils with high and low N status and their portion in the total soil N;
2.Quantify the contribution of amino sugars to plant N nutrition;
3.Clarify the competition between plants and microorganisms for amino sugars-N.
Through this project, it is expected to develop an efficient approach to explore amino sugars-N uptake by plants. To estimate free amino sugar concentrations, soils will be collected from six ecosystems with contrast nutrient levels (2 forests, 2 grasslands and 2 arable lands). To compare the ability of plants to take up amino sugars-N, three plant species will be select: wheat (Triticum aestivum), a pine tree species (Pinus massoniana) and sedge (Kobresia myosuroides). At the same time, the competition between amino sugar-N uptake by plants and microorganisms will also be estimated.

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