Externally funded project

Development of a methodology for the selection and integration of traceability systems in the continuous improvement process of SMEs (AiF-FQS-Projekt "Traceability für KMU")

Project Details
Project duration: 02/201908/2020


The objective is the development of an SME-oriented instrument for the selection of a traceability system and its implementation and integration into the continuous improvement process (CIP). For this purpose, generally applicable reference products and processes are derived from criteria developed by means of case studies and surveys. Furthermore, a methodology for mapping products/processes to reference products/processes will be developed. For the reference products/processes, individually adaptable traceability profiles are created with regard to their requirements for traceability systems. Through a market analysis, available traceability systems and their functions are identified and structured based on criteria. A mapping methodology to be developed then compares the traceability profiles with the functions and thus determines the suitable traceability system. In addition, a process model will be developed that shows SMEs how to implement and integrate it into the CIP.

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