Externally funded project

Einsatz räumlich positionierter auditiver Anzeigen zur Ausgabe von Zustands- und Richtungsinformationen im Flugzeugcockpit (Auditive Flugführungsanzeigen)

Project Details
Project duration: 20062009

The pilot on a modern flight deck receives information mainly using the visual channel. Nowadays, auditory displays only alert and do not convey further information. Audio displays providing directional information are so far not used civil aircraft.

The project, supported by the German Research Foundation DFG, evaluated whether spatially positioned auditory announcements can support flight control tasks. Spatialized audio announcements support the own movement in space and time as well as the identification of intruders in direction and distance.

Implementation of spatialized audio displays in the flight deck increases situational and traffic awareness, supports to comply with clearances in space and time and, thus, increases security.

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