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Kulturtechnische Verfahren zur Regulation von Virusvektoren in Pflanzkartoffeln (PVY). (00UM024)

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Project duration: 03/200112/2003


Potato virus Y (PVY) is transmitted non-persistently by winged morphs of many aphid species andis a major problem in seed potato production. In order to evaluate the potential of straw mulchapplications (4-5 t ha-1) and presprouting on PVY reduction, small scale organically managed fieldexperiments were carried out in Northern Hessen, Germany, over 3 yr. In all years mulching significantlyreduced aphid infestation on leaves as well as PVY incidence in tubers. For the effect of presproutingthe temporal coincidence of two factors was crucial – crop emergence and aphid flight activity.Presprouting decreased PVY incidence when in the phase of early crop emergence aphid spring flightactivity was low, but increased it, although not significantly, when prominent aphid flight peaks occurredin this critical period. Straw mulch was most effective when vector pressure was concentrated early inthe year acting as a PVY protectant for young plants. In later growth stages its effect declined graduallywith increasing ground coverage of the crop. Combined mulching and presprouting had a synergistic,complementary effect on reduction of PVY incidence. In an on-farm experiment in 2001 scaling upthe area mulched stepwise from 100 m² to 900 m² consistently kept aphid infestation at reduced levels.

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