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SINTROPHER (Nachhaltige trambasierte Transportlösungen für peripher gelegene europäische Regionen)

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Projektlaufzeit: 10/200712/2015


Develop sustainable, cost-effective solutions to improve accessibility to/from/ within low-density semi-rural peripheral regions (defined as "holes within the EU Pentagon' and areas outside the "Pentagon', peripheral to national territories, and/or disadvantaged by poor access through rail and air hubs to central EU regions) by regional tram systems linking to high-quality multimodal interchanges at national/international rail or air hubs. These will be tested by knowledge transfer across 5 demonstration regions: Nordhessen (Kassel)(DE), Fylde Coast (Blackpool)(UK), West-Vlaanderen (Diksmuide/ Koksijde/ Veurne)(BE), Valenciennes (FR) and Nijmegen-Kleve (NL). Two alternative solutions will be examined:

(i) TramTrain systems integrating urban tramway and national rail systems

(ii) Low-cost tram extensions using exclusive right-of-way through urban areas.

This will be achieved by:

- Learning from the experience of successful schemes already implemented, notably in Nordhessen(DE);

- Jointly reviewing opportunities and obstacles (technical, legal, administrative) in applying this experience in other regions

- Developing appraisal techniques (technical, financial and territorial) to generate investment proposals, ready for implementation, in selected cities and regions

- Testing new technological and multimodal approaches to adapt the infrastructure (tracks, interchanges) in selected demonstration projects.

5 key Work Packages:

WP1- Transnational knowledge transfer on technical & legal challenges in the development of regional tram systems

WP2- Appraisal of the economic feasibility & developmental/territorial impacts of regional tram systems

WP3- Knowledge transfer in improving the inter-operability & accessibility of transport hubs linking the regional tram systems to regional/national gateways

WP4- Joint development of innovative marketing strategies addressing potential users and the private sector

WP5- Implementation of the communication strategy

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