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DAAD-Gastprofessur: Prof. Dr. Leo van Lier (Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA)

Project Details
Project duration: 09/200502/2006


The Visiting Professorship awarded to Prof. Dr. Leo van Lier aims at intensifying his cooperation with the department's section of Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Research & Intercultural Communication in the following areas:

Intercultural competence represents one area of emphasis in research and teaching in Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Research & Intercultural Communication at the Department 02 - English & American Studies. Courses and transnational online projects on intercultural learning in the foreign language classroom are offered regularly; recent project partners include: University of California, Santa Barbara, USA (2001-2004); Le Moyne College, Syracuse, USA (2004); University of Nottingham, Great Britain (2004-2005).

In the winter term of 2004/2005, a new online project was jointly initiated by Prof. Dr. Finkbeiner (University of Kassel) and Prof. Dr. van Lier (Monterey Institute of International Studies). Prof. van Lier's most recent research on sociocultural factors in foreign language learning as well as his personal and professional, multicultural biography have proven most valuable since the early stages of this cooperative project.

The Visiting Professorship is expected to have a broad and sustainable impact by (1) integrating Prof. Dr. van Lier's expertise in a current research project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - German Research Foundation (the ADEQUA project; principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Finkbeiner, Prof. Dr. Ludwig; grant period: 2005-2007) and by (2) planning another joint research project within the TRANSCOOP program of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (proposal to be submitted by April 30, 2006). These projects will benefit from Prof. van Lier's expertise in (1) using video recordings in research and teaching and (2) technology-enhanced learning and teaching. This also applies with regard to qualifying doctoral students whose research is situated within the above projects. It is intended that Prof. van Lier can serve on dissertation committees.

By participating in meetings of the Kassel Research Unit in Empirical Educational Research (Teaching - learning - literacy. Empirical research on cognitively challenging, autonomy-oriented instruction) and by contributing to public academic events, such as the Kassel English Colloquium, Prof. van Lier's experience will reach a sizeable audience.

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