Project without external funding

Evaluating the incorporation of e-learning in EFL teacher education at the University of Kassel

Project Details
Project duration: 05/200204/2005


This research project investigates the integration of technology-enhanced learning in classes on Applied Linguistics, Foreign Language Research, TEFL, & Intercultural Communication at the University of Kassel. The approach chosen is that of formative evaluation, which currently focuses on e-learning modules developed to supplement the class "Introduction to EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Teaching Methodology." Since summer 2002, a web-based platform for online collaboration and communication has been implemented, and beginning in summer 2003, an interactive multimedia CD-ROM covering fundamental concepts in foreign language research and EFL teaching methodology will be developed and gradually incorporated into the above-mentioned class. The CD-ROM is being developed in-house by Prof. Dr. Claudia Finkbeiner; Markus Knierim, M.A.; Eva Wilden.

The research to accompany this project investigates the students' (most of which are in their first year) pre-requisites and needs with regard to their prior experience with using computers, personal computer equipment, attitudes toward and experiences with computer-enhanced learning. The data collected will be put in relation to the context and specific requirements of the class mentioned above so as to inform and optimize the development and use of the web-based platform as well as the CD-ROM.



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