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Model of a Long term Sustainable Economy Related to the Exploitation of Natural Resources in Colombia

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Projektlaufzeit: 07/200407/2007

Despite the growing interest in problems of the environment since the 1970's, generated principally by anxiety in the face of the energy crises and the way in which it captured the global community's consciousness, and due to the questioning of both management models and the exploitation of natural resources, there has been very little research in the field of social science with respect to the appraisal of the effects of this exploitation on microeconomies and on regional cultural phenomena. Nor have there been many studies concerning mechanisms of mitigation and the search for sustainable alternatives. My PhD proposal has as its specific objective the thorough revision of ethnographic cases of reclamation, both the successes and failures. This revision will allow to analyse how processes of resource exploitation are manifested in particular situations, the way in which such reclamation can determine variables which occur in each specific social context and how they can define the role of social and cultural institutions in these processes. This will enable a possible advance in the analysis of the impacts on economical and cultural dynamics generated by the these projects and the search for strategies of mitigation that allow for sustainable proposals for the exploitation of natural resources in Colombia. Then the real participation and interest of local groups and communities in decision making process and in the administration of their own resources can be recognised.

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