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Changing Academic Profession (CAP) - an International Research Project: The Situation in Germany (CAP)

In this period of rapid change stimulated by globalization and national policies promoting the knowledge economy, it is essential to understand the orientations and actions of knowledge workers, and especially those of the academic profession who occupy such a central position in the knowledge production process.What are the academic profession’s views towards the increasing relevance, internationalization, and managerial adaptations of their workplace, and how are these views changing? The CAP project is especially well positioned to answer these questions. Already in 1991/1992, INCHER-Kassel was involved in the first international comparative study initiated by the Carnegie Foundation (USA) on the academic profession with a German sub-study. The present international project "The Changing Academic Profession," started in 2005 as a succesor studyof the international comparative higher academic profession survey, again with INCHER-Kassel investigating the German situation. In Germany, as part of the research project, a representative sample of 4,000 members of the academic profession was studied with a self-administered standardized questionnaire. Parts of the already 1991/1992 range of issues were included in the questionnaire again to allow comparison, in order to detect processes of change present in the higher education system and in the academic profession. The study was funded by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

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