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The future of CRIS: a "LINK" system

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Project duration: 19972000

The rapid development of international data networks and the further development of software force us to think over the concept of CRIS critically. The present state of uncoupling data transfer, databases, and updating of databases will be cancelled. Many universities have established databases, to give an overview to research activities and to present it to the public. To do this data are often transferred into WorldWideWeb. To raise topicality and to make possible an on-line presentation, databases are coupled with WWW. As a rule scientists get a form on their PC-screen. They fill in the form after they identified themselves with their passwords When they finish data input, the results will be presented immediately in the Web.
This means for CRIS, that it will be no longer a database concept, but a search engine coupled with WWW presentation. The results of searching and gathering will not lead necessarily to a new database, but to a reference- or link-system. Prerequisite is tha

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