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Border-drawing and spatial differentiation of urban governance modes in the Pearl River Delta - with special regard to informal development and self-organization

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Projektlaufzeit: 02/200701/2009

The research project focuses on the selective use of different governance modes in the Pearl River Delta
mega city region. We claim that the drawing of boundaries and differentiated governance are either explicitly or implicitly
used to ensure the governability of this massive-scale, highly dynamic and very diverse urban region. By analyzing
various types of, in different ways, bounded places of work and residence, this project will build up a typology
of governance modes. Conceptually, the analysis will focus on the identification, characterization and explanation of
processes of spatial inclusion and exclusion and of different forms and degrees of informality and self-organization
tolerated or even encouraged in different geographical units. The understanding of both spatially differentiated governance
and the role of informality and self-organization in the urbanization process will be gained from "top-down"
and "bottom-up" investigations. This thorough analysis will contribute not only to the understanding of governance in
transitional China but crucially to the general issue of governability of mega city regions.

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