Externally funded project

Coordinating Organic plant BReeding Activities for Diversity (COBRA)

Project Details
Project duration: 03/201302/2016

COBRA aims to support and develop organic plant breeding and seed production in Europe with a focus on increasing the use and potential of plant material with High genetic Diversity (Hi-D), such as Composite Cross Populations (CCPs) and other genotype mixtures through coordinating, linking and expanding existing breeding and research in cereals (wheat and barley) and grain legumes (pea and faba bean). Specific objectives are (1): To improve methods to ensure seed quality and health; (2) to determine the potential to increase resilience, adaptability, and overall performance in organic systems by using crop diversity at various levels; (3) to improve breeding efficiency and to develop novel breeding methods to enhance and maintain crop diversity; (4) to identify and remove structural barriers to organic plant breeding and seed production; and (5) to improve networking and dissemination in organic plant breeding.

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