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Study Conditions and Professional Success - The german tracer studies co-operation project ((KOAB)) (KOAB)

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Project duration: 12/200706/2020

In this cooperation project, higher education institutions work together work on building a system of graduate surveys close to decision-making, that are supposed to contribute to the quality development of higher education (course development, quality management, re-accreditation). INCHER-Kassel advises higher education institutions on the design of the study, questionnaire development and the analysis of results. Furthermore, INCHER-Kassel, on request of the higher education institutions, takes charge of the data acquisition of paper questionnaires and the technical implementation of the online survey. INCHER-Kassel compiles a common data file from the surveys of the individual higher education institutions that forms the basis for comparative statistical analyses. Apart from the analyses on academic and professional career, there is a special focus on the analysis of the impacts of study conditions and offers on the further life and career success of graduates. The cooperation of higher education institutions and higher education research has two main objectives: first, the professionalization of graduate surveys, due to INCHER-Kassel's support and scientific advice for the higher education institutions. Second, it allows higher education research to access an cross-institutional anonymous research data set through the integration of the raised data.

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