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Dissemination and Adaption of the ABC’s of Cultural Understanding and Communication (TRANSABC's)

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Project duration: 09/200909/2011

In the context of this project, twelve professors and lecturers from the USA and from Europe will study the principles of the ABC's of Cultural Understanding and Communication, which is a mode of instruction developed by Prof. Dr. Patricia R. Schmidt and Prof. Dr. Claudia Finkbeiner. They will learn about possibilities to implement the model and they will work with the ABC's of Cultural Understanding and Communication in teacher training seminars and seminars for continued education at their home universities. With the help of this project, the ABC's of Cultural Understanding and Communication will become an integral part of teacher training and of continued education for teachers in the USA and in Europe and it will thus foster the intercultural competence of current and future teachers. The TRANSABC's project will positively influence teaching at European and American schools because teachers will be able to use the ABC's in their lessons after they studied the model in their teacher training seminars. As a consequence, they can foster their students' intercultural competence as well as their reading and writing skills.The ABC's of Cultural Understanding and Communication offers a chance to prepare people for the interaction with others by first of all making them aware of their own personality. Both the active involvement of the participants and their responsibility for themselves as well as for others (reciprocal commitment) are paramount. The participants are ‘empowered' because in the process of the ABC's, they get to know themselves and the richness of their culture, language and biography and so learn to value their competences. Thus, the identity of the people is confirmed and they are being prepared for the interaction with others. The learning process initiated by the ABC's model will help people to act confidently in situations where intercultural competence is essential. This confidence will result from questioning habits and attitudes that are widely accepted and taken for granted and from learning to renegotiate with their dialog partners. This process, which requires mutual respect to a great extent, will help people to orient themselves and to act competently in an ever-changing and multicultural society. Encouraging students from cultural minorities and qualifying teachers to deal competently and successfully with multicultural classes are the most important innovations of the ABC's model. The change of perspective resulting from the ABC's process shall contribute to seeing multiculturalism no longer as a problem, but as a chance.Aims of the project:The project will- positively influence teacher training and further education for teachers in the USA and in Europe- foster the teachers' intercultural competence- will change teaching in European and American schools in so far as (future) teachers get to know possibilities to implement and organize projects which foster intercultural communication as well as the students' reading and writing skills

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