Externally funded project

Participatory research to support sustainable land management on the Mahafaly Plateau in southwestern Madagascar, Workpackage 1, 2 and 3 (SuLaMa)

Project Details
Project duration: 01/201112/2015

The aim of SuLaMa is to establish a sustainable land management plan for this region, together with international, national and local stakeholders. For this purpose SuLaMa combines the scientific know-how of the fields of ecology, socio-economy, landscape management and management of natural resources. The methodological approaches are participatory and range from experimental research in agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry, to information events, interviews and workshops, as well as the development of scenarios and modeling. Geoinformation systems and remote sensing are used for the classification of land use and land coverage, the establishment of an Environmental Information System and the integrated assessment of ecosystem services and functions. The project will result in the development of new methods, analyses and scientific instruments that will improve land management in Madagascar. Importantly, however, the outcomes will be directly transferable to other regions that are similarly structured.

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