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Carbon mineralisation

Project Details
Project duration: 01/201212/2012

The project deals with the influence of small scale pore space architectures on the decomposition/mineralisation of organic matter in intra-aggregate pore volumes. It aims at finding and quantifying relationships between the turnover of organic matter and structural attributes/complexity governing fluxes of water and air in associated pore systems of natural soils. New methods will be developed to visualize organic matter distribution in soil aggregates with non-invasive techniques (e.g. TEM-EDS, XMCT) as well as to measure CO2 evolution on small scale (mm-cm) soil aggregates as a function of matric potential. 3D imaging of soil structure, organic matter distribution and the geometrical configuration of water filled pore regions in intra-aggregate pore spaces will be utilized to simulate carbon decomposition with a previously developed model (MOSAIC). Measurements of CO2 evolution on soil aggregates derived from various long-term field experiments in France and Germany together with the non-invasive imaging of soil structure and organic matter distribution provide valuable data for a further development of process oriented carbon turnover modelling.

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