Entwicklung eines Systems zur stationären Aufbereitung von Oberflächenwasser zu Trinkwasser unter Verwendung der Membranfiltrationstechnologie für den Einsatz in Vietnam

Details zum Projekt
Projektlaufzeit: 12/201104/2013

DEESE has developed a stationary system for the water treatment of surface water based on membrane filtration. The development of this system is based on the experiences made with the water backpack PAUL being extended to a stationary system. After constructing a pilot system in the facilities of DESEE and operating with many different test modes, the second main product of this project is the implementation of the same systems in remote areas of Viet Nam, which were built in October 2011. Major theme for the development of this system is an adequate water treatment at very low costs for remote areas in developing regions. The system is able to reduce the risk of diseases caused by microbial contaminants. The system is easy to upgrade concerning flow rate and functionality (treatment steps). Due to its simple setup, the system can be used without any preliminary guidance. Maintenance can be done by unskilled personnel after a short introduction. This has been proved in the real operation of the two plants in Dong thap, southern Viet Nam.

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