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Effekte umweltorientierter Verkehrskonzepte auf den kommunalen Haushalt (UmKoMoKo: Umwelt- und Kostenvorteile ausgewählter innovativer Mobilitäts- und Verkehrskonzepte im städtischen Personenverkehr - Effekte umweltorientierter Verkehrskonzepte auf den kommunalen Haushalt)

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Project duration: 07/201206/2016


Traffic induced carbon dioxide
emissions, noise and air pollution as well as land consumption by
traffic take a substantial part on pressuring environment and climate in
cities and urban agglomerations. In order to meet emission limits for
the protection of the citizens’ well-being and to enhance quality of
life as well as attractiveness of cities and urban agglomerations it is
indispensable to reduce traffic induced environmental pollution.
Innovative transport offers are more important than ever to achieve a
shift from motorised private transport to ecomobility (Pedestrian and bicycle traffic and public transport) or more energy-efficient vehicles.

A variety of urban transport
systems that strengthen ecomobility and stimulate multimodality has
already been developed and implemented, for example car sharing and
public bike rentals are available by now in numerous cities. However, so
far there is no systematic and comparative analysis of these transport
offers that takes in account their actual impact on improving
environmental balance and carbon footprint. Also, up to now it has not
been investigated which are the factors of success and constraint that
affect the implementation and integration of the new mobility offers
into public transport. This research project is set up to examine these
issues. Besides establishing the shifting potential and reduction of
emissions, the study will analyse
the amount of potential area saving in stationary traffic caused by
integrated transport services and forecast these data until the years
2020 and 2030. Across Germany every city with a population over 50.000
inhabitants is considered.

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