Externally funded project

Intercropping of maize and runner beans as energy crops for biogas production- development and optimization of the cultivation system, SP 2: Mixture of maize and runner bean in organic farming systems (Maisbohnen)

Mainly due to its superior importance as feedstock for biogas plants the cultivation area of maize in Germany increased in the last years. This increased cultivation of maize is more and more identified as problem for sustainable agriculture. However, in the foreseeable future maize will maintain its prominent position as feedstock for biogas plants. Hence, it is necessary to develop cultivation systems for a sustainable cultivation of maize. Intercropping of maize and beans, well known from the tropics, could contribute to this. In this research project, maize and beans will be cultivated with different seed rates and mixing ratios under the conditions of organic and conventional farming systems. Growth development, biomass and methane yield will be determined. Furthermore, different treatments of mechanical weed control will be tested. The trial takes place at the experimental field Neu-Eichenberg (organic) of the University of Kassel (Hessen) and simultaneously on the two conventional locations Tachenhausen (HfWU Nürtingen, Baden Wuerttemberg) and Grub (LFL Bavaria).
Duration: 2013-2016
Funded by: Agency of renewable resources, FNR.

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