Externally funded project

Boar fattening: Development of a concept for the organic pig meat supply chain using entire males (organic boar network) (Eber im Verbund)

Project Details
Project duration: 06/201305/2016


The current practice of piglet castration without anesthesia in order to avoid boar taint is questionable with respect to animal welfare requirements. This procedure is banned for organic farming since January 2012 (Regulation (EC) No. 889/2008). The development of feasible alternatives both for organic and conventional farming is still underway. Goal of this project was the development of a concept for the production, slaughter and processing of organic entire males throughout the whole supply chain. This includes the investigation of potential influencing factors regarding feeding and housing on the expression of boar taint as well as animal welfare. Management strategies were to be identified that minimize unwanted consequences of entire male production. In the area of slaughter and processing, a feasible method for the detection of boar taint was developed as well as operating procedures for manufacturing of untainted products from meat with conspicuous boar taint, aiming at a complete use of all carcasses. An economic analysis of organic meat production with entire males completes the assessment of the concept's feasibility.

Funded by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)



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