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Coordinated European Animal Welfare Network (EUWelNet)

Project Details
Project duration: 02/201301/2014


The project responded to a call (SANCO 2012/10293) for bids for a grant to support a pilot project on the feasibility of a coordinated European animal welfare network. It addresses the four main objectives of the call; briefly: establish and coordinate a network of experts; identify bottlenecks/difficulties in implementing a few examples of EU legislation on animal welfare; develop and test knowledge transfer strategies to overcome bottlenecks; analyse and make recommendations on the feasibility and conditions for the above coordinated network. Activities towards these objectives are carried out in 4 partly parallel Work Packages (WPs). Legislations addressed (Council Directives 2008/120/EC and 2007/43 for the protection of pigs and broiler chickens, respectively, and Council Regulation EC1099/2009 on protection at the time of killing), reflect the existence of clear bottlenecks in their implementation, their effects on animal welfare in a range of species and all MSs, and the development of knowledge transfer solutions that are likely to be achievable. By allowing the trialling of different types of strategy our approach yields a wider impact.

WP2 collects and analyses data to identify relevant public and private actors, difficulties in implementation of selected legislations (with particular attention to problems related to knowledge gaps), and the measures taken to address non-compliance.

Funded by the EU Commission: SANCO
2012/10293 and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

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