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Enzymes involved in RNA metabolism and RNA degradation.

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Project duration: 01/199912/2004

Gene silencing mechanisms by co-suppression, antisense RNA and RNAi are not understood. Recently, severel gene products have been implicated to be involved in this posttranscriptional regulation. In plants, RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) has been identified and cloned. Possibly, RdRp synthesizes antisense RNAs from aberrant sense transcripts and may thus generate endogenous RNAi molecules. In Neurospora, it has been shown that defects in the RdRp gene impair quelling, an effect similar to co-suppression in plants. In C. elegans, mutations in the smg2 gene (involved in nonsense mediated RNA decay) have been found to impair RNAi function. In Arabidopsis, CAF, a putative dsRNase with signatures of the bacterial RNaseIII has been isolated, and we assume that the enzyme may play a role in antisense RNA mediated mRNA degradation. We have identified homologues of CAF, smg2 and RdRp in Dictyostelium, isolated fragments of the genes and are now generating knock-out Dictyostelium strains toobtain insights into the function of these proteins.

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