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research report online as portal to a wider CRIS

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Project duration: 08/199812/2001

The aim of CRIS is to give an overview to research activities to present it to the public, to find new partners for research or transfer into industrial practice. Local databases coupled with WWW will be a portal to a net of information of different levels for a new type of CRIS. First level is clearly structured short information about re-search projects and persons that take part. Second level is publishing of results (in printed or in electronic form). Next level is further information about the institution that is doing research, ideas evolving on further research, equipment to do research and ideas to transfer scientific results into society and economy.
CRIS will be no longer a database concept, but primarily a search engine coupled with WWW presentation. This new CRIS needs intelligent architectures of local databases coupled with WWW. First requirement is an easy handling of decentralised input by scientists that are doing research at institutions. This is prerequisite for authenticity and topicality of information. Second requirement is to build up structures, that different levels of information network can be found and connected by external "visitors" without problems. The system research report online (For-schungsbericht online: "") developed at University of Kassel is an attempt to construct the above mentioned portal.

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