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Changing Media - Changing Europe

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Projektlaufzeit: 20002004

The development of media is part of the modernisation and globalisation of society. A study of the changing media in Europe, therefore, is indeed a study of changing Europe. Research on media is closely linked to questions of economic and technological growth and expansion, to questions of public policy and the state, and more broadly to social, economic and cultural issues.
Team 1: Citizenship and consumerism: Media, the public sphere and the market
People confront the media in two roles. They are consumers buying goods and services in the market place, in which the products of the media compete for scarce spending power and attention with a range of other goods and services. At the same time they use the media to acquire the information and symbolic resources to enable them to act socially, as citizens in the political system, and as social actors in their wider community. To what extent do these roles conflict? Do growing material inequalities in the market place differentiate people as cultural consumers? Are cultural inequalities commensurate with citizen equality? Is a public sphere capable of being sustained in the path of an ever growing commercialisation of cultural production, and what are the changing local, national, and trans-national contours of these contradictions?

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