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By-products of food production and processing as feeds for pigs.

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Projektlaufzeit: 20052008

Increasing demand for human food both from plant and animal origin due to rapid population growth and growing livestock populations lead to an increased competition between human and animal nutrition. There is thus a strong need to search for alternative feeds for animals, such as by-products from food production or food processing. To this end, a number of by-products available in Nigeria were identified, which may have a potential as feed for monogastric animals. The most important ones were selected and are currently evaluated. The evaluation includes a complete chemical analysis and description of the products, the determination of nutrient and energy availability in digestion trials and balance trials with pigs both in Germany and in Nigeria, and experiments which test the acceptance of the by-products by the animals in different proportions of the diet. Dietary effects on carcass composition and meat quality are also recorded. Furthermore the growth potential of one of the most widely raised Nigerian pig breeds is determined, to derive recommendations for nutrient and energy supply to growing pigs for farmers' feeding practice, which actually are not available.

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