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Network for Development of Higher Education Management Systems ((DEHEMS))

Project Details
Project duration: 10/200909/2012

The project DEHEMS builds upon the earlier European projects CHEERS, REFLEX and HEGESCO. It seeks to explore these databases with regard to quality management and higher education development. The DEHEMS projects deals e. g. with the following questions: In how far should the development of curricula take professions into account? How can higher education management take into account the results of employability data and graduates’ surveys to support graduates in their transition to work and professional career? In how far can higher education development strategies, teaching modes and quality management support the employability and professional competencies of graduates? The project aims to develop an innovative approach for the implementation of higher education management systems and quality assurance. The project can be devided into three parts: Comparative research on the basis of graduate survey data, especially with regard to the transition from higher education to work Use of graduate survey databases for scientific research and political planning Implementation of these research results in higher education management. The project DEHEMS is coordinated by the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Besides INCHER-Kassel, the following project partners are involved in the project: the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria; the University of Bologna, Italy; the Hacettepe University, Turkey; the University of Warsaw, Poland; and the University of Bremen, Germany.

Research Areas

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