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Cleanliness versus cow comfort – an insolvable problem?

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Project duration: 20072010

In Germany high yielding Holstein dairy cows are mostly kept in cubicle housing systems. Resting behaviour is an important factor for dairy cow´s regeneration and physical balance. Cow cleanliness, on the other hand, is associated with animal health, especially with mastitis. Thus, recommendations for cubicle dimensions need to address opposing objectives. Larger cubicles provide higher resting comfort, but at the same time seem to come along with decreasing udder cleanliness. Providing good cow comfort in combination with sufficient udder cleanliness should be the ambition of cubicle housing systems. Depending on cubicle type and adjustment in relation to animal dimensions the udder cleanliness may be insufficient and lying comfort can be restricted. It is therefore the aim of this epidemiological study to analyse relationships and interactions between cubicle design, animal and cubicle dimensions, lying behaviour, cow cleanliness and management. The goal is to update recommendations with regard to cubicle dimensions and management on order to safeguard cow comfort and cleanliness.

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