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MOBIDIC: Modules of Bilingual Didactics and Methodology for Teacher Training

Project Details
Project duration: 10/200112/2004


MOBIDIC is a Comenius-2-Project, which started in October 2001 and was finished in December 2004. The following European partners participated in this project: University of Kassel/Germany: Department of English & Romance Languages: Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Foreign Language Research (Universität Kassel: Anglistik/Amerikanistik: Fremdsprachenlehr- und -lernforschung)

Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt/Germany: Department of Geography (Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt: Institut für die Didaktik der Geographie)

Central Office for teacher education and inservice teacher training Kassel and Frankfurt(Main)/Germany (Amt für Lehrerbildung Kassel und Frankfurt am Main)

Teacher Training’s College Frankfurt(Main)/Germany (Studienseminar für Gymnasien in Frankfurt am Main)

Teacher Training’s College: St Martin's College (Carlisle/Lancaster, England)

Teacher Training’s College Cr’teil/France (IUFM Cr’teil)

Teacher Training’s College Franche Comt’/France (IUFM Franche Comt’)

Inservice Teacher Training Center Warsaw/Poland (Centralny Osrodek Doskonalenia Nauczycieli/CODN)

The aim of MOBIDIC is the development of modules to foster Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). Furthermore, the study regards at its core a) to raise and evaluate data on what actually happens in CLIL classes in the four countries in order to be able to define a status quo, b) to develop methods to raise language and cultural awareness, c) to design approaches that integrate multi-perspectives and d) to find ways that not only trigger intercultural learning yet also contribute to a long lasting effect of intercultural education beyond the classroom. Another goal is to deepen European partnership and to foster mobility among teachers in Europe. In this way it fully complies with article 126 of the European Maastricht Treaty, which can be seen as the constitutional basis of a unified Europe and to improve the education of students and teachers who are involved in bilingual teaching. The study includes different phases. These phases are signified by a) research project b) an evaluation and design of new modules phase c) implementation phase and d) publication and dissemination phase.

A. Research Project

The research project consisted of quantitative and qualitative components, including a video study and the following questionnaires:

1.) EFBS: Attitudes of students concerning CLIL

2.) MIGRA-ANTE/MIGRA-POST: concepts, schemata and scripts about the term migration

3.) EVAI/EVAII: Evaluation sheet

4.) LEP: Questionnaire for teachers: information on different teaching methods

5.) SCR Questionnaire for teachers (information about the school system)

B. Evaluation and design of new modules phase

The results of the study are used to approach a concept of CLIL by using the different concepts found in the participating European countries. Furthermore the results are used to evaluate concepts and schemata about the topic migration of French, German and Polish students, who participated in this project.

C. Implementing of the modules (Comenius C.2)

The modules which were developed within MOBIDIC were implemented in a teacher training project (Comenius C.2-Course) in January 2004: In this project which took place in St. Martin’s College (Carlisle/Ambleside, England) teachers from Germany, Poland and France participated.

D. Publication and Dissemination of the results

The results of the project will be published and disseminated.



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