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Project Details
Project duration: 01/201612/2016


Project objective:

Due to an aging, shrinking and moving population as well as to an
increasing climate awareness, the use of short-range public transportation is
decreasing. As a consequence, an important source of income for public
transportation providers is declining. There are two noticeable trends: First,
due to the effects of urbanization there is an increased demand for public
transportation in cities. Second, whereas the overall demand for public transportation
in suburbs and rural areas is decreasing, it remains stable for individual
persons in rural areas. It is, thus, a major challenge for transportation
providers to secure the accessibility of public service facilities as well as
to enhance individual mobility opportunities.

This research project aims at analyzing current traffic concepts and
infrastructural facilities. Subsequently, it will be possible to show future
scenarios of adjusted and flexible mobility opportunities with regard to urbanization,
demographic change and climate change. To successfully finalize the project, a
concept of need-based solutions for the development of an adjusted mobility
offer, which takes problems of demographic change into account, will be
presented. Research results will be discussed in trans regional workshops with
transportation providers in order to establish comprehensive strategies for

Research questions:

  • What impact factors of demographic change on mobility behavior can be
    identified on the basis of the current state of research?
  • What future scenarios can be deduced from the identified impact factors?
  • What recommendations for public transportation in northern Hesse can be

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