Externally funded project

North Seas Offshore Network II - Economical Connection and International Integration of Offshore Wind Energy in the North Sea: Optimization methods and tools (NSON ll)

Project Details
Project duration: 01/202012/2022


The project addresses the improvement of mathematical techniques for modeling and solving the optimization problems arising in the planning and operational optimization and in power flow computations. At one hand, aiming at a more efficient treatment of time series in time series based planning and operation models, the development and implementation of novel methods to identify critical time points and time intervals in time series data via techniques from statistical data analysis as well as corresponding model reduction techniques, have to be included. A second goal is the development and implementation of efficiently solvable model extensions for operational and power flow models that appropriately describe practically relevant reliability requirements. In addition, the integration of the developed tools for optimized offshore grid management and planning is conceptualized.

Principal Investigator

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