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Wenn Milchkühe ihre Kälber säugen - freier vs. Halbtagskontakt

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Zipp, K.; Rzehak, Y.; Knierim, U.
Wolfrum, S.; Heuwinkel, H.; Reents, H. J.; Wiesinger, K.; Hülsbergen, K.-J.
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Ökologischen Landbau weiterdenken - Verantwortung übernehmen - Vertrauen stärken. Beiträge zur 14. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau

The influence of three calf rearing systems on milk yield, milk composition, udder 18:00, n=11) and no damtheir dam after birth. In the 10th week of life contact dams and calves were physicallyseparated and had only visual contact. They were trained to drink from nipple buckets. In the 11th week of life thcontact. All calves were gradually weaned from milk until the 13th- cows and those gave less milk than-indicating disturbed milk ejection. Udder health was not affected. Nursed calves grew ut after separation there was a growth check. However, two weeks after weaning live weights of dam reared calves were still significantly higher Hence, our results suggest that half-day mother-calfcontact helps to decrease milk losses while calf development is still improved.

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