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Effects of liming and mineral N on initial decomposition of soil organic matter and post harvest root residues of poplar

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Wachendorf, C.

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Short-term potential carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) mineralization of soil organic matter and belowground plantlitter was determined in the top soil layer of a sandy soil of a short-rotation coppice (SRC) and the effect ofaddition of lime, mineral nitrogen and poplar roots was determined. Lime addition was equivalent to1.2 mg CaCO3 g-1, mineral N and root litter were added corresponding to 6.8 μg N g-1 and 13.8 mg roots g-1soil respectively. Partitioning of carbon dioxide (CO2) derived from lime and soil organic matter (SOM) wascalculated by using stable isotope analysis of the CO2. In addition, particulate organic matter (POM) as well asmicrobial biomass carbon and nitrogen were analyzed after 51 days of incubation.Addition of lime decreased CO2 derived from organic matter in all treatments, but the level of decrease variedwith N and root litter addition. Microbial biomass C and N increased with N addition in soil without root litterbut decreased with root litter, nevertheless an immobilization of mineral N was especially high in soil amendedwith root litter. Particulate organic matter (POM) decreased by 41% of its dry weight in root litter amended soil.Liming decreased decomposition of POM in these soils,whereas no effect was observed after addition of mineralnitrogen or mineral nitrogen and lime. These results show that liming has the potential to decrease C mineralizationof humified organic matter as well as plant residues and that decreased mineralization of organic matteroccurred after liming, even if mineral N was added.

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