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Contemporary Science In Chemistry Education In Germany

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Frevert, M.; Di Fuccia, D.
The Clute Institute
The Clute Institute
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147-1 - 147-10
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ISEC Conference Proceedings 2017
ISSN 1539-8757
ISSN 2157-9660


 The improvement of teachers´ professionalization is an important point of discussion in higher education.

Students who are going to be chemistry teachers in Germany often don´t study chemistry in such a depth that they get

in contact with real current research. This is advocated by the fact, that school curricula mostly seem to reflect the

status of chemical knowledge up to the 1950s. In contrast, research (Friedrichsen et al, 2009) shows that the higher

a teacher’s content knowledge is, the better his teaching skills are. Our project therefore focuses on developing and

evaluating a setting that brings chemistry teacher students in relation to today's research in chemistry. The main

research question of our empirical study in this context is: In which ways does the chemistry education students’

professionalism change if they are confronted with today's research?

To answer this question the study is developed on the theoretical basis of Shulman's concept of teacher

professionalization (Shulman, 1986), with a focus on Subject Matter Content Knowledge and Pedagogical Content

Knowledge, including a third dimension, that of Beliefs. Those three categories are examined under consideration of

the competence-orientated theory. (Baumert and Kunter, 2006).

This study follows a mixed methods approach of quantitative methods (questionnaires) and qualitative methods

(interviews, portfolio, videography) which are combined to allow the triangulation of data obtained. The research

design allows for the collection of data to be carried out six times within in a period of three years.

For the implementation of the project into the study program of our chemistry teacher students a special learning

environment was developed cooperatively with chemical researchers, as combining chemistry education with real, not

school oriented contemporary chemistry research is a new perspective in higher education in Germany. This setting,

as well as our evaluation tools and first results obtained will be presented in this article.

chemistry education, Contemporary chemistry research, teacher professionalization


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