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Fügen von Bauteilen aus UHPC durch Kleben – Voruntersuchungen und Anwendung bei der Gärtnerplatzbrücke in Kassel

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Schmidt, M.; Krelaus, R.; Teichmann, T.; Leutbecher, T.; Fehling, E.
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Beton- und Stahlbetonbau / Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures
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Adhesive Assembling of Structural UHPC Elements Preliminary Investigations and Application at the Gaertnerplatz Bridge in Kassel The Gaertnerplatz Bridge in Kassel with a length of 136 m is the first large pedestrian and cyclist bridge in Germany that was built from ultra high performance concrete (UHPC). For the first time in the world the precast constructional elements made from this steel-like concrete were supportingly glued by an epoxy resin. For the approval in this particular case extensive investigations were accomplished at the University of Kassel to get mechanical characteristic data. With these results it is possible to dimension the glued joints regarding mechanical strength and durability. The results of these investigations and process of building are presented in this article. The practical characteristics of the hybrid bridge construction with its shear stressed glued joints is being monitored by an extensive number of online sensors for several years.

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